Amilo mini sucks

Yes, this is an X-Sucks post.

Around May 2009, i bought a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Mini UI-3520. This is a small netbook. It was probably the cheapest netbook i could find at this time, but it was also one of the smaller and lighter ones.

My experience with it has not been a happy one however.

  • Upon arrival, the battery was dead. I had to send the whole thing back, and get a new one.
  • After a few months the screen begun flickering. Note that I’ve used it very little (it mostly sits on my bookshelf). Since it is still in the warranty i sent it back for repair. I was told today that the motherboard needs replacing and there is none in stock, either here or in the factory in Germany. No word on when i’ll have it back.
  • The keyboard is rather horrible. The keys are very small and i keep making typos. My sister’s Acer Aspire One has a far better keyboard, and it was marginally more expensive.
  • The pre-installed Windows XP came with broken WiFi drivers that required an update to work. How could they miss that before shipping?

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