Xine pvr:// undocumented feature

Thu 07 June 2007 | tags: linux
I am happy owner of a Hauppage WinTV PVR 150 card. On linux, both mplayer and xine support it but xine has special support for it (in the form a special MRL for it nonetheless) so this is why i prefer it.
The problem i had was that the PVR input for xine by default uses  the root directory to store its temporary vob files. The partition that my root is located however is rather small and i could only have very small files (and therefore very small recordings if a paused or wanted to go back in a video).
I wanted to change this location but there is nothing on the documentation. A quick Google search turned up nothing. So i looked in the source code and , sure enough, the kind folks had it documented in the comments of src/input/input_pvr.c. 


In other words all you have to do is specify the path in the MRL! Eg:

xine pvr://mnt/xine_pvr_tmp_files/

There are more settings there (like events you can send to tell xine you want teh recording saved instead of being deleted on exit, but i haven’t explored them yet.

Update: I was at #xine on and told people about this. 10 minutes later it was fixed in the CVS.  Now that’s responsive.

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