Moving to Patras

I came to Athens in the summer of 1997. The time has come for me now to return to Patras.
I will be taking the server off in a few hours since i am transfering all the equipment to Patras.

I don’t yet know if adsl access is available in the area of my new residence there there is a chance i won’t be able to bring back my server very fast.  If that’s the case i will try to find a hosting provider, but that may be somewhat expensive (since it will have to support python, webware, cusomized python packages, and an array of other things) i am probably looking for virtual server solutions :)

I have been living for almost 10 years in Athens and i have good friends here that i don’t want to loose.
At least i have a hope that i will reuinite with friends i left in Patras when i moved to Athens.

The distance between Athens and Patras is 216Km and about 2:00 -2:30 hours travel. Not that far i guess. Getting to some areas in Athens takes more time than that :)