What people do to get their revenge…

The image below is a small part of the scenery outside my balcony. Take a look at that wall. What purpose does it serve? It’s just a wall next to a building. I’ve been living here only for a year, so i don’t know the stories of this ex-village (It used to be a village but now it’s more like a suburb of Patras). My mother however grew up here so i asked here if shew knew what was the deal with this wall. She knew.
Here is the picture. Scaled down and painted for your satisfaction:

Revenge can have curious forms

Here is the story.
There were this two women who where cousins. They had some differences , and one decided to get some revenge. They were owners of adjacent pieces of land. One had had built a house on her land, the other had not. The piece of land that had no house, covers two sides of the house (a wall and the side that has some balconies). So the lady thought it was a great idea to pay money and build a great wall and disable the other womans balconies. Priceless huh?
Their heirs thought it was too silly and took down the wall, but a small part remains to remind us of just how silly revenge can be.